hololive English Valentine's Day 2023

Order Period :
2023/02/14 11:00 ~ 2023/03/20 18:00 (JST)

The Valentine's Day merchandise sales of hololive English.

These products are made to order.

Postscript: February 15th, 2023 (JST)
We have changed the product preview image so that the product design is shown in a proper orientation.
Please note that only the product preview image has changed, and the fundamental design of the product has not changed.

〈Shipping Schedule〉
 Estimated to be around late June to late July 2023.

* Voice recordings can be purchased and downloaded even after the sales period ends.
However, please note that product sales may end without any prior notice.

There is maximum purchase quantity set for this product.

◇Valentine's Day 2023 Set
 This is the complete set of hololive English Valentine's Day merch items.

・Mori Calliope
・Takanashi Kiara
・Ninomae Ina'nis
・Gawr Gura
・Watson Amelia
・Ceres Fauna
・Ouro Kronii
・Nanashi Mumei
・Hakos Baelz

〈Set Details〉
・Acrylic Stand
・Button Badge
・Situation Voice
・Bonus: Duplicated handwritten Valentine's letter.

◇Merch Items
・Valentine's Day 2023 Acrylic Stand - Mori Calliope
・Valentine's Day 2023 Acrylic Stand - Takanashi Kiara
・Valentine's Day 2023 Acrylic Stand - Ninomae Ina'nis
・Valentine's Day 2023 Acrylic Stand - Gawr Gura
・Valentine's Day 2023 Acrylic Stand - Watson Amelia
・Valentine's Day 2023 Acrylic Stand - IRyS
・Valentine's Day 2023 Acrylic Stand - Ceres Fauna
・Valentine's Day 2023 Acrylic Stand - Ouro Kronii
・Valentine's Day 2023 Acrylic Stand - Nanashi Mumei
・Valentine's Day 2023 Acrylic Stand - Hakos Baelz
 Art by はねゆき
 Size: Approx. H150×W150×D70mm (after assembly)
 Material: Acrylic

・Valentine's Day 2023 Button Badge - Mori Calliope
・Valentine's Day 2023 Button Badge - Takanashi Kiara
・Valentine's Day 2023 Button Badge - Ninomae Ina'nis
・Valentine's Day 2023 Button Badge - Gawr Gura
・Valentine's Day 2023 Button Badge - Watson Amelia
・Valentine's Day 2023 Button Badge - IRyS
・Valentine's Day 2023 Button Badge - Ceres Fauna
・Valentine's Day 2023 Button Badge - Ouro Kronii
・Valentine's Day 2023 Button Badge - Nanashi Mumei
・Valentine's Day 2023 Button Badge - Hakos Baelz
 Art by はねゆき
 Size: Approx. ⌀57mm
 Material: Tin, Paper, PET

◇Digital contents
・Valentine's Day 2023 Situation Voice - Mori Calliope
・Valentine's Day 2023 Situation Voice - Takanashi Kiara
・Valentine's Day 2023 Situation Voice - Ninomae Ina'nis
・Valentine's Day 2023 Situation Voice - Gawr Gura
・Valentine's Day 2023 Situation Voice - Watson Amelia
・Valentine's Day 2023 Situation Voice - IRyS
・Valentine's Day 2023 Situation Voice - Ceres Fauna
・Valentine's Day 2023 Situation Voice - Ouro Kronii
・Valentine's Day 2023 Situation Voice - Nanashi Mumei
・Valentine's Day 2023 Situation Voice - Hakos Baelz

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