✈Currently Available Areas✈

North America
The United States
Republic of Korea
Hong Kong
New Zealand
Latin America

✈Shipping Carrier✈

Carrier: DHL (some items are using EMS)
*After placing the order, DHL will contact you. To ensure that the customer's clearance process proceeds smoothly, please provide them with your information as necessary.

✈Shipping Charges✈

Please refer to the payment page for international shipping fees.
* Due to possible fluctuation in fuel surcharges, shipping charges may vary depending on the month of settlement.
* Shipping charges will be billed in the month the order is settled, not the month the product is shipped. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

When shipping via DHL, the minimum overseas shipping charge is 2,300 yen.

✈Customs clearance, duties, and taxes✈

Please comply with all laws and regulations set by the shipping country, region, and state.
Customs clearance requirements vary by destination. Please contact the customs clearance office for details.
Please note that customs clearance procedures may delay delivery from the original delivery date. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

✈Advance payment of import tax, value-added tax (VAT), etc.✈

Depending on the delivery country, region, or state, you may be charged an “advance payment of import tax” at the time of order. In such cases, the tax will be waived upon arrival of the goods.
“Advance payment of import tax, VAT, etc.” is equivalent to the amount of import tax, VAT charged on the goods ordered by the customer shipped from Japan to overseas in accordance with the regulations of the country, region, or state of shipment.


Due to the nature of international shipping, we do not accept returns or refunds for the convenience of the recipient, except in the case of initial defects or damage to the product or if the product is lost or returned undelivered. (Based on the tracking information of the shipping carrier).

Thank you for your understanding.

Updated on April 1, 2024