✈Currently Available Areas✈

North America
The United States
Republic of Korea
Hong Kong
New Zealand
Latin America

✈Courier Company✈

DHL (EMS for some products)

*After your purchase, DHL will contact you with the details. Please provide the necessary additional information to DHL when inquired.

✈Shipping Fee✈

Details for the international shipping fee will be available on the confirmation page.
* Your shipping fee may vary every month due to changes in the fuel surcharge.
* Shipping fee will be charged upon your purchase, not upon your deliver.

✈Duties & Taxes✈

Please note that depending on the rules or regulations of your country or area, you may have to pay Import Tax, VAT (Value Added Tax), and/or Customs Duty locally in addition to the total cost you paid for your order. Also, please note that your delivery can be delayed due to customs clearance procedures.

Please contact your local customs authorities for further details.

✈Pre-delivery Import Tax & VAT✈

Depending on your country or area, you may be charged with Import Tax and/or VAT in addition to the total cost of your order. In such a case, you will be exempted from paying Import Tax and/or VAT upon delivery.

“Pre-delivery Import Tax & VAT” will be charged to parcels from Japan according to the rules or regulations of your country or area.


For international delivery, we are unable to accept refunds or redelivery for the convenience of the recipient.
Exceptions may be made in cases of initial defects and damages of the product and items claimed to be lost or returned by the delivery company. (Based on the tracking information of the shipping carrier.)