COVER Corporation (“Company”)

Motoaki Tanigo

Sumitomo Fudosan Tokyo Mita Garden Tower, 3-5-19 Mita, Minato-Ku, Tokyo

Phone number

Email address

Selling price
The price including tax is displayed on each product sales page.

Fees required in addition to price of products
Shipping fees (as displayed on the product payment screen), communication fees such as internet access fees, various payment fees

Payment method and timing of payment
[Credit cards: VISA, Master Card, American Express]
Method of payment is determined at the time that the product is ordered.

[PayPay,LINE Pay,au PAY,Rakuten Pay. Paypal, Shop Pay, Amazon Pay.Merpay]
Method of payment is determined at the time that the product is ordered.

For customers who set their shipping address outside of Japan, you can select your local transaction method via Global-e's system.
Please note that your available transaction method may vary according to the area you are residing.

Since the billing cycle and withdrawal date differ depending on the company providing the payment service, please confirm the billing cycle and withdrawal date with the relevant company.

Download products:
As a generally rule, download products can be downloaded from the Digital Content List on My Account Page immediately after payment is confirmed.​

Build-to-order products:
Build-to-order products will be shipped to your registered address by the timing of shipment displayed on each product sales page.​

When timing of shipment is not displayed on product sales page:
Products will be shipped within seven (7) business days after payment is confirmed if the shipping address is within Japan, or within fifteen (15) business days after payment is confirmed if the shipping address is outside Japan.​​

​When timing of shipment is displayed on product sales page:
Products will be shipped according to the timing of shipment displayed on each product sales page.​

However, when products are purchased together with build-to-order products or other products for which the timing of shipment is designated, please note that all products will be shipped together according to the schedule of the product which has the most future shipment schedule.​
With respect to the delivery of the above products, if there are any requests from any delivery service providers, please respond appropriately. If the shipping schedule has been changed, we will notify you.​

Purchase of reserved products
If you purchase a reserved product, please note that you will receive an email from the Company regarding the acceptance/non-acceptance of prepaid mail order sales based on Article 13 of the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions.

Return of products, defective products, and cancellation of orders
[Cancellation or orders, return of products and replacement of products]
*If production or manufacture becomes difficult due to earthquakes, fires or other unavoidable circumstances, please note that the Company will cancel your order and refund your payment.
*Once payment is confirmed, please note that the Company does not accept any return of products or replacement of products due to your personal circumstances, excluding the case of initial product defects.
*For any initial product defects, please do not use the defective product and comply with the following procedure. If you end up using any defective products or if the following period elapse from receiving a defective product, the Company may not accept any return or replace any products even if they are defective to begin with.
In case of initial product defects, the Company will pay for the shipping costs required for returning the defective product to the Company and for shipping the non-defective product to you.
<The procedure of return of defective products>
① Pease contact the Company at to inform the Company of the condition of the defective product within seven (7) days from receiving the defective product. The Company will let you know the upcoming procedure later.
②Please return the defective product within three (3) months from receiving the defective product in accordance with the guidance of the Company.
③After confirming the return of the defective product, the Company will replace the defective product with a non-defective product.
※Please understand that if the replacement is not available due to the stock status, the Company may issue a full refund the price you paid for the defective product.

[Refusal of acceptance, long-term absence, wrong address]
If a product could not be delivered due to your refusal of acceptance, a long-term absence or a wrong address and is returned to the Company, the Company will store such product for a period of three (3) months from the date of shipment (“Storage Period”). Since procedures for re-shipping the product can be taken if it is during the foregoing period, please make sure to contact the foregoing email address during the foregoing period. Please note that any shipping fees required for reshipment will be billed to you. Please pay the shipping fees according to the instructions from the Company.
Please understand that we will not be issuing any refunds if you do not comply with instructions or refuse to accept products according to your personal circumstances.
After three (3) months lapse from the beginning of the Storage Period, the Company will deem that you have no intention of receiving the product that you have purchased, and the Company may dispose of such product based on its own judgment. If this becomes the case, the Company may bill you for 100% of the price of the product as the cancellation fee, shipping cost, and any costs incurred for storing the product.
Furthermore, if the Company is unable to deliver the product to you before the lapse of the Storage Period due to reasons attributable to you, the Company may suspend any permissions that were granted to you to use the Company’s services.

[Cooling-off system]
*The cooling-off system (unconditional cancellation) prescribed in the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions does not apply to products purchased through mail order sales.

Updated on April 1, 2024