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A voice drama series that takes place in a "host club", which was also the theme for the HOLOSTARS exhibition at the "Animate Girls Festival 2023" .

What if... HOLOSTARS members were hosts at the "CLUB HOLOSTARS"?
Please enjoy the stories that unfold at each branch of the host club.

Please share with us your thoughts about the voice dramas under the hashtag "#ホロスタAGF2023"!

Key Visual Illustration: 先崎真琴
Scenario: 山田朝五時

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◆Related Information
HOLOSTARS AGF2023: https://holostars.hololivepro.com/events/agf2023/

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◇HOLOSTARS "CLUB HOLOSTARS" Voice Drama Complete Set
〈Set Details〉
 A voice pack bundle with all four voice dramas.

・Key Visual PC Wallpaper

◇Voice Drama
◆case of Kabukichō (Hanasaki Miyabi, Kishido Temma, Yatogami Fuma, Minase Rio)
The Kabukichō branch is smooth sailing with its sales.
However, one day, Miyabi hears a rumor about his good friend and co-worker Temma moving to a different branch!
Miyabi and two rookie hosts, Fuma and Rio. are not convinced by the rumor and want to find out the truth.
Can they stop Temma from moving to a different branch...?!

◆case of Ikebukuro (Kanade Izuru, Astel Leda)
Izuru is working as a part-time host at the Ikebukuro branch while pursuing his studies at the University.
However, Izuru, despite being a host, barely has any decent clothes and often skips his meals just to get by.
Astel is worried about Izuru, but one day, Astel discovers Izuru's secrets, and their relationship starts to take a different turn...

◆case of Kinshichō (Arurandeisu, Yukoku Roberu, Hizaki Gamma)
The Kinshichō branch is known for attracting unique personalities and is also infamous for cases like throwing a DJ party inside the club and bartenders acting as de facto hosts.
Now we think of it, how did Arurandeisu, Roberu, and Gamma even end up being a host at the Kinshichō branch?
Here, we unveil the story of these three and how they met each other!

◆case of Roppongi (Rikka, Kageyama Shien, Aragami Oga, Utsugi Uyu)
New host Uyu makes his debut at the Roppongi branch!
Meanwhile, Shien heard from Rikka and Oga that the customer visiting the club tonight is rumored to be a celebrity or billionaire.
Shien calls Uyu for a helping hand, but the situation with the customer might have just gone out of their hands...

・Hanasaki Miyabi
・Kanade Izuru
・Astel Leda
・Kishido Temma
・Yukoku Roberu
・Kageyama Shien
・Aragami Oga
・Yatogami Fuma
・Utsugi Uyu
・Hizaki Gamma
・Minase Rio

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 Voice Recordings: .wav .mp3
 Wallpaper: PNG

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