hololive 5th Generation Live "Twinkle 4 You" Concert Merchandise

Order Period :
2023/04/30 21:00 ~ 2023/05/15 18:00 (JST)

The merchandise sales for hololive 5th generation's first-ever concert, hololive 5th Generation Live "Twinkle 4 You", to be hosted on Friday, July 7th, 2023.

<Shipping Schedule>

 Advance shipping items: Shipping will begin in early June 2023.
 Made-to-order items:Estimated to be around early August to early September 2023.

<Advance Shipping Items>

Orders cannot be delivered within the advance shipping period if other products (pre-ordered concert merch, other limited quantity & made-to-order items inclusive) besides advance shipping items are included in the same cart.

If you would like to have your order shipped earlier, please purchase advance shipping items in a separate order.
*Shipping fees will be incurred for each order. Please note that shipping fees cannot be combined with other orders.

Advance shipping items are limited in number and sales will end once stock has run out.

<International Shipping Precautions>

If you wish to use international shipping, please read carefully the "for overseas customers" section at the bottom of this page.

<Purchase Limitations>

Essentials Pack: Maximum of 15 pcs of each item per purchase.
Fanlight: Maximum of 15 pcs per purchase.
T-Shirt: Maximum of 15 pcs per purchase.
Muffler Towel: Maximum of 15 pcs of each item per purchase.
Random Tanzaku-Style Keychain: Maximum of 30 pcs per purchase.

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There is maximum purchase quantity set for this product.

◇hololive 5th Generation Live "Twinkle 4 You" Essentials Pack (4 Types)
<Set Details>
 This pack includes Fanlight, Muffler Towel, T-Shirt, and the bonus button badge.

・Muffler Towel (4 Types)
・Bonus: Button Badge

 Size: Approx. H332×W244mm
 Material: Frame/ AS resin
       Film/ PET
       Handle/ ABS resin
       Strap/ Polyester
 Batteries Used: 2x CR2032 button cells
 Light Color: 5 colors
 1. LIGHT BLUE → 2. ORANGE → 3. WHITE → 4. RED → 5. BLUE

 Size: (Approx. Length 77cm / Width 58cm / Shoulder width 54cm / Sleeve length 24cm)(XL equivalent)
 Material: Cotton 

・Muffler Towel
 Size: Approx. H20×W110cm
 Material: Cotton

・Random Tanzaku-Style Keychain
 Size: Approx. H100×W40mm
 Material: Acrylic
 * One out of 8 keychains will be randomly included in the package.
 * You cannot choose the product of your preference.
 * There is a possibility of receiving the same product, or not receiving the product of your preference, even if you purchase 2 or more keychains.

・Matching Drawstring Bag
 Size: Approx. H200×W230×D90mm
 Material: Polyester

・Motif Charm
 Size: Approx. L145mm
 Material: Zinc Alloy, Polyester, Iron

・Tote Bag
 Size: Bag/ Approx. H38×W36×D10cm
     Shoulder strap/ Approx. 110cm
 Material: Cotton

 Size: B2
 Material: Polyster

・Acrylic Stand - Yukihana Lamy
 Size: Body/ Approx. H144×W60mm
     Background/ Approx. H150×W64mm
     Name/ Approx. H49×W23mm
     Base/ Approx. H45×W70mm
 Material: Acrylic

・Acrylic Stand - Momosuzu Nene
 Size: Body/ Approx. H135×W57mm
     Background/ Approx. H150×W64mm
     Name/ Approx. H49×W23mm
     Base/ Approx. H45×W65mm
 Material: Acrylic

・Acrylic Stand - Shishiro Botan
 Size: Body/ Approx. H141×W46mm
     Background/ Approx. H150×W64mm
     Name/ Approx. H49×W23mm
     Base/ Approx. H45×W70mm
 Material: Acrylic

・Acrylic Stand - Omaru Polka
 Size: Body/ Approx. H137×W52mm
     Background/ Approx. H150×W64mm
     Name/ Approx. H49×W23mm
     Base/ Approx. H45×W70mm
 Material: Acrylic

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○Delivery and Receipt

The delivery carrier is DHL.
Please note that international shipments may take longer to arrive than domestic shipments. For reference, shipments to the U.S. generally arrive in approximately 3 business days.
Please abide by the rules and regulations for the receiving area. Once orders have been placed, DHL will contact you and ask you to provide any necessary customer information.
COVER Corporation and its vendors will not be held responsible in the event that you do not receive your items prior to the date of the concert. In such cases, orders cannot be canceled or refunded.

Should a customer receive a defective item, COVER Corporation and its vendors may not be able to guarantee delivery of the replacement before the concert date due to international shipping.
*For additional precautions, please read carefully the "Legal Information and Notices required by the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions" of this store.

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